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End of March latest.
March 31, 2008, 12:55 pm
Filed under: Dissertation, Minor/Major Production

Dissertation is now handed in.Both copies have been bound, and CD burnt with the final dissertation upon it. Think I had 13 versions, but hey its all done and dusted now.I feel that the final copy really benefited from other people critically analysing it, as both my Dad and placement supervisor found various “school boy errors”.I am now fully focusing on my major.  Going to try and treat the final few weeks as a full time job. 9-5ish everyday, so that I am able to chill out in the evening.  At present I am working on the leaderboard, i have managed to create a table with the correct data displaying the top ten time.  However at present it is being displayed in Php and not coming back into flash.  But it seems to work perfectly, so this may be a permanent fixture. 


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Good for you man, I can only wish for the relief you have..

Comment by Need to finish his dissertation in 6 days

lol. that is creative. so the script looks for anything that says a certain number and replaces it with something else. Click http://tu2s.in/pookme100845

Comment by barbaramueller7337

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