yadooG samohT is Thomas Gooday backwards.

Ive been thinking…
March 3, 2008, 5:44 pm
Filed under: Dissertation, Minor/Major Production, Research

not that hard, but thinking nevertheless.Joe’s lecture today on coding practices made me realise that I will make mistakes and errors with the architecture of my major production.  However upon completion the he states you must ask yourself, “How would I change my approach in hindsight?”.  This is very reassuring for me, as at present I still do not know exactly how the game itself will work and function, but it always gets done, right?When all is said and done, if you are able to understand the ins and outs of the game effectively you will defiantly  know the desired route to take for the production.   Additionally understanding that the data and the logic behind the website/game itself ensure that the most economical and least time consuming methods are adopted.  Or this is how i decoded his lecture!!! As if you can understand what data will be present in the data, you can have a better understanding as to the interface. I feel that i am very much design lead thinking interface, logic, data.Whereas Joe tends to work in a more logic and ethical manner, the compete reverse. Data, logic and finally interface.Understanding this concept i feel will make me work more efficiently, well thats the plan. If not i can always write about this in my production analysis, highlighting the benefit of hindsight, and emphasize how i would do certain things differently.Anyway i think im chatting shit, But i have just bought another book.  Here comes everybody by someone or other, upon Joe’s word, apparently it will help me to improve my structure for my dissertation, I hope so.  Here comes Everybody 


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