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The current state of play…
March 2, 2008, 2:46 pm
Filed under: Dissertation, Minor/Major Production

Shit its March.Dissertation:  Last Monday the 26th February i handed in my first draft of my dissertation to my Tutor (Joe).  I am fairly pleased with the current situation with my dissertation, as I am meeting Joe tomorrow to receive  feedback about the initial draft.  This is hopefully highlight the areas that i need to improve in order to attain a higher grade, preferably at least a 2:1.  I felt that the dissertation was lacking an interview and in particular a viewpoint from the industry, therefore i set about changing this.  I have tried to contact various with limited success, however Gavin Lucas author of Guerrilla Advertising: Unconventional Brand Communication replied to my emails and phone calls on Wednesday.  Thursday afternoon I emailed him a number of questions (10) that he said he would complete in due course. This is very good news as it will add a different element to my argument and also pad out my appendix, and in turn make it look better.Major:  With the deadline looming (only 10 weeks away) i decided that obtaining my own hosting was essential as not only will it give me my own space to work, but is also good practice for future websites.  My hosting is with streamline.net and so far so good, they have replied very quickly to queries and i have not encountered any problems (as of yet).  I am currently making a prototype of my game, without attaching a webcam, so the prototype should function much like the completed game but without the added interactions.  I have managed to get a stopwatch working effectively and  also managed to get an uploader working in flash.  This will be an excellent feature as it will allow the users to upload a photo to the leader-board if they wish.  I have also managed connect databases to my website, so at present flash talks to dreamweaver which connects to my MySQL database that comes back to Dreamweaver then back into flash.  This is the basic principle of the game, however the workshop on XML on Wednesday may allow me to integrate  this into my project. The domain name i have also purchased is http://www.line-king.co.uk take a look if you get a chance.


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