yadooG samohT is Thomas Gooday backwards.

January sales…
January 13, 2008, 12:23 pm
Filed under: Dissertation

At present i have managed to avoid the January sales as I really don’t need any more clothes.

Instead I am trying to stick to my New Years Resolution, and yesterday I was very strong.  As it was the first night when all the football lads were back, the majority of them decided that they would like to hit the town, at one point i was almost convinced to join them.  But the “new” Tom Gooday managed to resist the temptation and instead of spending the 30 or so quid on alcohol, today I purchased “Advertising is Dead: Long Live Advertising” from amazon.

I have now completed “No Logo” from which i have obtained a catalogue of suitable quotes for my dissertation.  I have now moved onto reading “Guerrilla Marketing” by Jay Conrad Levinson.  The book has started off quite slow, introducing ideas for small businesses, and the methodical approach that you should take in order to promote your new or fledgling company.  However from the blurb the book looks as if it should become more and more helpful, fingers crossed.

This afternoon i plan to add to my dissertation and hopefully complete my introduction and make a start on the firstreal chapter to my argument.


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