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New years resolution….
January 3, 2008, 4:22 pm
Filed under: Dissertation, Research

Ok the realization that 2008 is now upon us and that the dissertation has to be handed in THIS YEAR, has now hit me. It is time to knuckle down and get serious about University and getting a degree (I know its taken you this long?)

My new years resolution is to treat University like a full time job 9-6 everyday.

I tried to start on January 1st. But was to hungover and had to work, so that was scrapped.

I tried to start on January 2nd. The morning went well plenty of reading done, but then my brother proclaimed that he was going into town to purchase a PlayStation 3, need I explain the rest?

Advertising Today- Warren Berger

So today 3rd January I have managed to stick to my new years resolution and I ever so proud of myself. I am currently reading “Advertising Today ” by Warren Berger and I am finding it extremely interesting. Also many of the ideas that he discusses are similar to that of Wally Olins however never does he use the umbrella term branding, but in effect that is his argument.

Favourite Quotes that are useful for the Dissertation:

“In Germany a series of British made ads featuring a mysertious, lifelike puppet called Flat Eric became so widely popular that Levi’s stopped running the ads (because the brand, seeking “hipness”, wanted to be talked about by some people but not everybody.)” (2001, 17)

In England, commercials for a soft drink called Tango featured an orange-painted man who slapped everyone’s ears, so naturally, people on the streets of London started slapping one another’s ears like the orange Tango man.”(2001, 17)

“Today’s more entertainment-driven soft-sell ads- even the ones that end up being a bit oblique or bizarre- are probably the least offensive form of advertising. They recognize that they are intruding in ur homes and offer us something in return: a joke, a story, a pretty picture.” (2001, 20)

“The Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, in honoring the legendary American adman Bill Bernbach once said of him, “He could explain us to ourselves.” ( 2001, 39)

Howard Gossage said, “When people interact with advertising, as with other forms of communication, they don’t necessarily want everything spelled out for them; give them points A and B, but allow them to make the mental leap to C themselves.”(2001, 84)

There are loads more that i have written down, but i cant be arsed to type them…..note to self look in note book if you need to reference!


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