yadooG samohT is Thomas Gooday backwards.

January 3, 2008, 4:37 pm
Filed under: Dissertation, Research

Ive been trying to find and image to accompany this post, but cant find one, so I might even scan it from “Advertising Today” as it is so good, but there is a description below:

I love the following example of making an impact with a small budget:A small store in New York City sells lingerie. With a tiny budget, the store wanted to boost business. Three seconds to impact: Within eight blocks of the store, the company had messages painted that read, “From down here, it looks like you could use some new underwear.” Needless to say, both business and word-of-mouth buzz took off!

Here is another example from my town:

I live in southern Oregon in a town of 20,000. During the summer hundreds of thousands of tourists arrive to visit the Shakespeare Theater. A local restaurant owner made a routine of dressing up in a traditional chef’s outfit – with the tall white hat and all – and would stand outside of venues to greet people as they got out of daytime shows. He handed out menus that had daily specials and coupons for the theatergoers.

Did he get a lot of business this way? You bet he did! In a small town with many, many restaurants all trying to vie for the attention of these tourists, he made a BIG statement to get noticed.



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