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On Brand- Wally Olins
December 20, 2007, 3:54 pm
Filed under: Dissertation, Research

On brand- Wally Olins

On brand is very well written and Olins writes about relevant areas of interest in wonderfully clear English. I found that i was easily able to follow the intended message behind each chapter, and found each very useful.
Olins highlights corporate incompetence and this is in direct contrast to the viewpoints of Naomi Klein the author of “No logo”. Their contradictory arguments are obvious, are Olins even mocks her views in particular sections of the book.
The book has helped to to understand the way in which branding is implemented in our society, the possible future developments. Additionally I feel that the book will be extremely beneficial in the development of my dissertation, as i would not be able to talk the rise of alternative advertising and not mention brand or branding in some way or another.

Here are a few of my favourite quotes:

“brand represents clarity, reassurance, consistency, status, membership-everything that enables human beings to help themselves. Brand represents identity.”
(2003, 23)

“Why do brands penetrate the entire world regardless of every other defining factor- nation, religion, social or economic grouping, culture?”
(2003, 27)

“…brand are nothing like as powerful as they look. They are particularly vulnerable to us, the customers. When we like them we buy them. When we don’t we walk off.”
(2003, 220)

“As in many aspects of branding perception will matter more than reality.”
(2003, 147)

“Brands have two roles- persuading outsiders to buy and insiders to believe.”
(2003, 189)

“Advertising no longer dominates in the way it once did.”
(2003, 193)


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