yadooG samohT is Thomas Gooday backwards.

Diss underway…
December 18, 2007, 12:29 pm
Filed under: Dissertation, Research

Ok, so I am back in Braintree, Essex (Home) and today I have sat down for the first time and attempted to begin my dissertation. I feel that i have a decent question to work from, but i cant help but feel that i should have had another meeting with Joe before we broke up for Xmas. I feel that this would have given me better direction as to where my dissertation is heading, and also help me to confirm the chapter headings. However I have begun writing the Dissertation anyway as it needs to be done after all, and i have been pleasantly surprised with my progress. The pinboard that i have been using to collect my research quotes has helped me to focus my ideas to great deal better than expected. Additionally i have also heeded Richard Berger advice and purchased a white to structure my argument effectively.

At present I have only begun to introduce my topic and the questions that I endeavor to answer. However I always feel that the introduction and the beginning of an argument is the hardest to write, so i am very happy with my progress.

Also I am currently reading On Brand by Wally Olins with three quarter of the book already read I am finding it very interesting. Firstly I have found out that Baileys Irish cream is not Irish at all, and Dixons don’t use their own brand name for products they use Matsui instead as it sounds Japanese and therefore better…..which I thought was interesting, plus I love random knowledge so I will remember this for the rest of my life.

Also as discussed in our final lecture…..

The chuckle brothers are apparently not brothers, as they were born 3 years apart……..


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