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Craig David, 7 Days!
November 21, 2007, 9:35 am
Filed under: Dissertation, Minor/Major Production, Research

Proper Bo

Ok. I now have in the words of Craig David ‘7 Days’.

7 days to complete my presentation.
7 days to complete my prototype.
7 days to complete my supporting material.
7 days to write up my critical review for my dissertation.

To be honest i have nearly completed my presentation, i just need to include additional research and make any improvements suggested by my seminar group in my run through today.

My prototype is very seperate at the moment. I feel that i have the majority of the material, but as yet i have not stitched it together properly. My aim however is to have this complete by the weekend, in order to touch up before the deadline in ‘7 days’.

The supporting material is also nearly completed, and just needs to be fused into a presentable manner. Hopefully this should not take to long, as the platform for it is already in place.

My critical review however needs to be padded out. I am currently reading ‘No Logo’ which seems to be extremely relevant to my chosen subject matter of alternative advertising. Significantly however i have been waiting for ‘On brand’ by Wally Olins from the library for a week now. I resevered a copy, but the current holder of the book has yet to return it. They will in turn have to pay a fine to the library, i feel the fine should be paid directly to me as it is hindering my progress, plus i could do with a few extra quid.

Ok gotta got to go learn.


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