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Webcam Game
November 11, 2007, 9:24 pm
Filed under: Minor/Major Production

I am intending on producing a webcam/isight camera game based upon motion and colour detection. The theme of the game will be that of a traditional steady hand game, but re-introduced on a new platform. The users will be able to complete pre-determined lines, or create their own and share with their friends. This gives the user excellent gameplay, the ability to personalise it to their preference, and also pass the game onto their freinds. This therefore intrduces a viral aspect to the product, and in theory a brand or message could easily be attached without much hassle. The main stumbling block at the moment however is the target audience that i wish to aim the product at. I am edging towards aiming the game at children, to help the hand eye co-ordination, and also to help them concentrate. This would be a good area for me to cover as my mother is a teaching assistant, this would mean testing would be a relevatively easy to undertake. She often complains that the children struggle to concentrate unless they are situated in front on a computer, and i feel that my game will both entertain and help the children to focus on a particular task. Additionally i have been researching into hand eye co-ordination and how it develops through childhood…but i feel i need to delve even further to obtain a “need” for my game. I am searching for a statistic to base the theme of my product upon, and also i feel that this will help me focus in on the target audience and design better….


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i really your idea. i can see it working really well. stick at it and i think you might just produce something special, real special.

Comment by chrisryan1987

really like*

Comment by chrisryan1987

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