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Minor/Major Production
November 8, 2007, 2:52 pm
Filed under: Minor/Major Production

Upon returning for my final year i was no closer in uncovering my major idea than i was when i had completed my second year. The summer was all about obtaining a decent work placement, which fortunately i was luckily enough to do. However this meant that i did not complete as much uni work as i had said to myself that i would do.

To brainstorm ideas i began thinking about things that i enjoy doing……but many of them ideas were quickly quashed for various reasons. Then i recalled that in the summer i had spent almost a day playing on a Nintendo DS and in particular Brain Training. Basically we had a family gathering one weekend and my younger cousin brought her DS, and me and my brother stole it for the day and temporarily became recluses due to its interactive nature. This got me thinking could i adapt this concept and take the idea online to a new audience. Around this time i also stumbled onto Mark Shuflebottoms website http://www.webspaceinvader.com and was intrigued by the ‘webcam motion detection interface’ and i wondered if i could perhaps combine the two ideas.

Many brainstorming sessions and tutorials down the line (i use ‘many’ very loosely here) I have decided to produce a kind of online steady hand game for the interactive world. I imagine the product allowing users to create their own lines to complete, and a countdown timer in order to introduce an element of competition. The idea is still very much in its infancy, but will use the webcam or isight camera to allow the user to interact with the screen. http://www.neuroproductions.be/ has been of great inspiration to me, as the producer of the site Kris Temmerman has managed to obtain over 400,00 hits for 1 of his webcam orientsted games which is placed upon newgrounds.com. I hope to have my game uploaded to the site upon completion and who knows maybe even as many hits……you can always dream….


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