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Dissertation Idea
November 8, 2007, 2:18 pm
Filed under: Dissertation

A week after I moved back to Bournemouth for my third and final year, my hard drive decided to fail , great timing!!! However in a weird way I am glad that it happened now, and not in 6 months or so time. An external hard drive is now top of my Christmas list. I was planning on writing my dissertation on social networks and their affect on society, but felt that this is already a very well covered area. I was also struggling to remember the the exact question I had handed in for my dissertation proposal, and having lost all the research that I undertook in the summer I decided to rethink my question.

I have recently been purchasing The Guardian on a Monday, for their in depth media section, and one article got me thinking. It was titled “Will it blend?” and it immediately caught my attention. It was centered around an American blender company who have taken a unique approach to advertise their product. Placing humorous videos upon youtube in which the product is blending everyday items including an iphone, ipod, lighters and glow sticks. Heres one of them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qg1ckCkm8YI Apparently this “campaign” has improved their product sales by up to 650%…… So this got me thinking. Will advertising and marketing of all products move this way? And what other strategies are companies undertaking in order to bypass traditional media? My dissertation was then born.

I am planning on delving into alternative advertising and how it affects us as consumers. The title needs some work, but i am genuinely interested in this topic so I feel that i can write an interesting 8,000-10,000 words about it………we will see


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