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Guerilla Marketing
November 30, 2007, 7:58 pm
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Whilst in the library today I spontaneously decided to purchase a book from amazon. I am unsure as to why I actually bought it, but i am genuinely excited for its arrival. I feel that that the book ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ by Jay Conrad Levinson will be extremely beneficial for my dissertation as this is the main concept that I will be covering.

Guerrilla Marketing

Over the past few days I have been reading a previous students dissertation (Peter Thomas) as it is based on a similar topic that I intend to write upon. It has helped me to focus my idea a great deal, and also highlight areas that I should focus on…..and avoid.


Diss = Piss of….
November 24, 2007, 4:07 pm
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The dissertation itself isn’t worrying a great deal to be honest. I believe that I can write 8,000-10,000 words to a decent standard. It is the accompanying reading that is so time consuming, and it doesn’t help being quite possibly the slowest reader in the world. However i am try and to read little bits here and there whenever i get a chance.

I have just completed the first chapter of ‘No Logo’ by Noami Klein and I have to say that the content is genuinely interesting. I wouldn’t say i haven’t been able to “put it down” but it has been very relevant to my topic of discussion and also i have absorbed a lot of the information.

“Logos, by the force of ubiquity, have become the closest thing we have to an international language, recognized and understood in many more places than English.”

This is very true, brands or logos are recognised the world over, the Macdonald’s M has become synonymous with fast food for instance. This got me realising that I need to attach a very strong and eye catching brand to my ‘Line King’ game immediately, as this could become an ‘international language’.

McDonlads Logo

Additionally I would also like to delve further into the world of alternative advertising and see if these logos played as an important role as in traditional media…….

I have also obtained

Successful Advertising- Key alternative approaches, Martyn P. Davis

Subculture: the meaning of style, Dick Hebdige

to get my teeth into…..

Online Gaming
November 24, 2007, 3:23 pm
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In my opinion in order to create an excellent online game (webcam or not) a number of elements must be present. I have developed this theory/bollocks since I have been constantly researching for my own online game. This is not gospel, and the majority of the information is common sense.

First and foremost the game must be FUN. This will ensure that users tell friends, revisit the game and virally pass on the game. This is the fundamentally aspect of gaming, otherwise why would we be playing? One of my favourite online games that I have come across/interacted with is ‘blast billiards’. The game itself is very simple but extremely fun.


Blast Billiards

This leads me nicely onto the second key element to producing effective online games. SIMPLICITY is essential, from ensuring the game is easily accessible, through setup and of course game play. Users do not want to exert any effort when consuming online games; they merely want to escape the boredom of work/life and be entertained. Another of my favourite online games is ‘Roberto Baggio magical kicks’. I spent countless hours at college trying to beat my friends, the however has been updated immensely since the last time I played it, as the character used to be pixelated and the graphics were poor, nevertheless the simplicity still remains.

Roberto Baggio

Additionally I believe that all users take part in games in order to be ENTERTAINED. Again this is a vital aspect to focus on in order to create an effectively online game, whatever the topic or format. If the user is entertained, they will in turn pass a good game onto a friend, both virtually and via word of mouth and this is crucial in driving publicity of your product.

Finally I believe that it is essential for the audience to INTERACT with the game on some level. Whether it is interactively via the use of a webcam or by completing certain levels in order to feel personal satisfaction. Another key interesting element to try and weave into the game is personalisation, this helps the user to bond with the game and obtain a sense individualism. This will ensure users are intrigued and excited and increase the chances of them returning to the site.

Supporting Material
November 23, 2007, 3:39 pm
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I have recently been concentrating upon the supporting material associated with the Minor project and I am gradually realising that it takes longer than first thought. I am intending on handing in a small branded booklet to accompany my presentation as i feel that this will improve the overall feel. Also it makes me look professional (and BIG TIME) which I love. I have constructed a template page to ensure that all the accompanying paperwork adheres to strict continuity and again looks aesthetically pleasing.

Supporting Material A.K.A Bra

Currently I am happy with the design and layout of the template, i just need the majority of the work to place upon it. I have completed a couple of sheets now and am in the process of finishing my research into ‘online games’. I feel this is benefictial to help me understand my target audience and also my sector better and hopefully improve my game. ‘Online Games’ post to follow shortly….

Craig David, 7 Days!
November 21, 2007, 9:35 am
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Proper Bo

Ok. I now have in the words of Craig David ‘7 Days’.

7 days to complete my presentation.
7 days to complete my prototype.
7 days to complete my supporting material.
7 days to write up my critical review for my dissertation.

To be honest i have nearly completed my presentation, i just need to include additional research and make any improvements suggested by my seminar group in my run through today.

My prototype is very seperate at the moment. I feel that i have the majority of the material, but as yet i have not stitched it together properly. My aim however is to have this complete by the weekend, in order to touch up before the deadline in ‘7 days’.

The supporting material is also nearly completed, and just needs to be fused into a presentable manner. Hopefully this should not take to long, as the platform for it is already in place.

My critical review however needs to be padded out. I am currently reading ‘No Logo’ which seems to be extremely relevant to my chosen subject matter of alternative advertising. Significantly however i have been waiting for ‘On brand’ by Wally Olins from the library for a week now. I resevered a copy, but the current holder of the book has yet to return it. They will in turn have to pay a fine to the library, i feel the fine should be paid directly to me as it is hindering my progress, plus i could do with a few extra quid.

Ok gotta got to go learn.

MTIV by Hillman Curtis
November 18, 2007, 6:30 am
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Hillman Curtis

I cant help but feel that I should have heard of or read this book before now. I really connected with the book and in particular the principles that Curtis applies to his own work. I was able to relate to a number of the situations that he found himself in, and I was also glad to hear that he continually doubts himself to.

Throughout the book Curtis details his experiences as a digital designer, and the creative processes that he and his company (hillmancurtis, inc) undertake. However I feel that many professionals would easily be able to relate and apply his creative process to thier field in some way.

Here are a few of my favourite quotes:

“Once you know the theme of your design questions can be answered”.

“In my experience you don’t generate ideas, you beg, borrow and steal them”.

“Without communicating a theme, our designs will simply be pretty pictures……a bouquet of roses with no note attached”.

“Ideas/Inspiration are all around us and, like air, we share them, breathing the into our bodies and returning them, changed, into the creative atmosphere”.

Webcam Game- Line King?
November 16, 2007, 10:00 pm
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I have been brainstorming my idea a great deal over the past couple of days. The idea still remains the same:

I am planning to produce an online interactive steady hand game. The game will use the power of a webcam or isight camera to allow the user to control the movement upon screen. This will mean the users will endure a new online interactive experience with the game, not dissimilar to that of the Nintendo Wii or Eyetoy.

I was however struggling to come up with a suitable name. I have now pretty much settled upon ‘Line King’ as i feel that it is relevant for the target audience of 8-14 year olds……and I also believe that I can create a strong brand to attach to the game, but we will have to wait and see….