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Peer Assesment
June 11, 2007, 6:54 pm
Filed under: Year 2

This is my first post to my blog……but not the last…..Just thought i would express my opinions on the current situation surrounding ‘Peer Assesment’ upon BAIMP. At present students dont seem to be grasping the marking scheme, and seem to be marking a great deal higher than myself. This was brought to my attention when a memeber of our course recieved 87% on the Space project. The marking scheme was clearly detailed before the assesment was undertaken by all the students but this group in particular seem to have ignored it. I feel that with the current trends set with peer assesment that it is degrading the course somewhat as if i was friendly with the group i could potentially recieve 100%…..is this fair????I feel the method of obtaining peer assesment needs to be carefully looked at and altered.

Additionally i also believe that the marking of group projects should also be taliored to the individual to reflect thier grade. Maybe a continually signing off sheet could be introduced to detail which group member completed the task. This comes as i recieved 52% for my game, whereas certain people from other groups did not turn up and still recieved higher marks than me, and their group members worked tirelessly without them. I do not feel that this is fair….


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